Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs can be a fun holiday party game. Get everyone involved in this fun craft activity! You can get the inside of the eggs out previously to have them ready for decoration, or ask the children at your Easter party help you with this task. Here’s how you should do it!

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Easter Egg Pinata

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Use a needle to poke a small hole in the narrow end of the egg and a slightly larger hole in the other end. Holding the egg over the bowl, blow through the small hole to force the inside out the larger hole and into the bowl. Make sure you rinse the egg well with water.

Now the fun part of this holiday party game! Decorate Easter eggs with paints, glitter, lace, felt tip pens, fabric scraps and dyes.Be creative! You can even make the dyes yourself! Check out our Easter crafts section for instructions on dye making.

Once you have your dyes ready, use candles to drip wax onto the Easter eggs to make designs. When the wax sets, dip the egg into some dye. Take the egg out and let it drain. When you have finished, carefully peel off the wax. These Easter crafts can be used to decorate your Easter party or as gifts for your guests.

History of Easter Eggs

Decorated eggs have been acknowledged as a symbol of continuing life and resurrection since pre-Christian spring celebrations. Given as gifts by the ancient Greeks, Persians, and Chinese at their spring festivals, the egg also appears in pagan mythology, where we read of the Sun-Bird being hatched from the World Egg.

As the egg was an obvious symbol to early Christians of Jesus’ Resurrection, it was felt to be a most appropriate part of Easter. Even as early as the Middle Ages, eggs were colored to be given as gifts at Easter.

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